Customer Supplied Parts

Yes we can, but with VERY strict rules.
We guarantee the install will be performed perfectly and to manufacturer specs:
#1. Cost overruns, install time extensions, corrections etc are all the responsibility of the customer and will be billed per hour at our Customer Supplied Parts Install Rate @ $125/hr.
#2. We will not warranty any failures or issues due to those parts you requested we put on.
#3. If the parts are wrong or don't fit properly, you will still be responsible for the time spent to find that out.
#4. If the parts you provided are wrong and cause a vehicle to become stuck on lift you will be billed at $800/day until the issue is resolved or the vehicle is removed, no exceptions. 


Here's why we have such strict guidelines for customer supplied parts:  

Simply put, the margins we make off the parts pay for our expertise, adjustments to make aftermarket parts work, and warranty adjustments and repairs when needed.
Additionally if we don't control the supply chain, we have no idea as to the overall quality or condition of the parts you provided.
Just buy your parts with us, we will happily match any major distributor out there. Quadratec, Northridge 4x4, 4Wheel Parts, etc. no problem, if for some reason I cant, we'll wave the above rules at our discretion.